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About Us

Sekureit is an Internet Security Specialist in the UK, dedicated to making your online experience as safe and pleasant as possible, while utilising the best in free software packages available to keep your costs down to a mimimum. Once you have booked your call, we assign it to one of our local agents, who will then call out to your home and, after a quick check on your system, they will advise you on the best solution to your situation and problems. They will then install any software necessary and run the applications needed to remove any current viruses, spyware, etc., and to speed up your PC or Laptop.

We also advise you on how to use this software and how often. We will leave you with a short 'diary' of what and when to run your software and what to do if problems are found. We also leave you with our 'Keep Safe Online' brochure, which advises you on what to do and not to do as far as the web and email goes.

So, if your PC slow to start....  taking seemingly forever to get up and running and slow once it does start, your PC is most likely suffering from one or more of these common problems:

1. Too many unnecessary 'background' progammes running at startup.

2. An Internet 'Security Suite' that is overly large and taking up lots of your PC's resourses.

3. Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Trojans and other Malware, also taking up your resources, but far more importantly, possibly collecting security-related information about you and your online accounts!

It could also be because of limited memory, little space left on your hard drive, a fragmented hard drive, etc., etc.

It needn't be that way though! Computers are much like everything else in life; far easier and a lot less scary once you've had a go & got some practice in - especially with a bit of expert help.

What's more, there are lots of FREE programs that will keep you running smoothly and safe on the web. There's no need to spend a fortune for overly complicated security packages - and still end up crossing your fingers when using the Internet or email!

We can sort out your PC for just £40, including installing FREE to use comprehensive security and firewall suites (not just anti-virus), a full security scan and removal of all viruses, spyware & trojans found, plus a tune-up of your system.

Or, we can get you set up and going with your first PC from just £165 all in, including installation and basic instruction (excludes Internet connection).

It's up to you whether you choose an all singing & dancing high-performance new computer, a convenient Laptop, or a refurbished PC that's more than adequate for everyday use - at a penny-pinching budget price. All of our PCs come fully inclusive - comprising the computer base unit, a 17" (or larger) flat screen TFT Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Mat, Cables & all the software needed to get on the internet & use email, plus installation, including FREE to use Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall, Anti-Spam and Parental Control Software (no annual renewal fees!) and deep-search malware protection. We will tell you what all of these are and how to use them and leave you with our easy-to-follow Internet Security Guide. If you want to upgrade to a high-performance security software package, then we can sort that out too, using the latest and fastest software available, which - unlike most packages available - does not impact on your PC's performance!

Whether it's for a new PC, or peace of mind doing your Internet Banking, contact us now. We can sort out your PC for a FIXED rate of just £40, which includes up to two hours labour.

Sekureit; making your online experience safer!

Whenever you turn your PC on and are connected to the internet, you and your valuable data are at risk. You do not have to be using the internet, or actually sending or receiving emails, just being connected is a risk - and the more you do in the way of surfing the web and sending receiving emails etc. increases this risk. Some activity increases it by a lot; we can tell you what to avoid.

So, what can you do to improve safety and keep your valuable information to yourself? Quite a lot actually and it doesn't have to be complicated, expensive, take up a lot of your time or intrude on your use of the web. It doesn't even necessarily have to slow down your PC, though most so-called professional internet security suits certainly do that! All you need is information on the right software options, how to obtain and install them and how to ensure you don't do anything to compromise your safe use of the internet.

How do I find that information and knowledge you might say? Well, we at Sekureit are here for that, to give you access to the best software at the lowest price (or completely free in many cases!) and to give you the information you need to use the web safely and avoid the traps being set by criminals all over the world, who are trying to part you from your money. That is both the fantastic benefit and the problem with the internet, it is worldwide. So, you are not only at risk from local criminals, but from criminals worldwide too, millions and millions of them: don't let them win!

As part of our service, we will install and show you how to use two free software utilities that will help you keep your PC running properly and quickly - there is nothing more frustrating than to have a 'fast' modern PC that is running slowly due to being overloaded with unnecessary 'add-ons' that so many programs and downloads come with.

If you don't yet have a computer and have been put off by the cost and potential risk of using the internet, give us a call and we will be happy to give you a quote for a system, explain you the requirements (a desk or somewhere to put the computer and a nearby broadband connection).

Get your PC or Laptop Security and Performance checked, optimised and set-up in your own home, from just £40 (currently, UK only)

Go to, or email now at Sales & Enquiries to arrange a visit in your area. Please include a contact phone no. (standard landline only) and we will call you back.