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Online Security

The best way to avoid problems online is simply to be very careful what links you click on and which sites you visit. Avoid visitin any sites from links in emails, whatever their source, unless you are absolutely sure of them (i.e., it's something you have REQUESTED and are EXPECTING) and don't visit the nomal 'suspects', like 'adult' sites and the like.

This is not guaranteed to keep you safe however, you also need good protection software and it needs to be set up correctly. The main requirement is a good Firewall, like Zone Alarm or something similar. A firewall is simply a program that keeps hackers (people trying to get access to you PC via the internet) out.

You will also need Antivirus, Antispyware, Antiphishing and other anti-malware software, though this is mainly to avoid you getting malware on your machine in the first place (via email or a download).

Which brings us to what you choose to download; As well as from emails, never trust a 'pop-up' window on your machine, even if it purports to come from your installed security software. Instead of clicking on a pop-up message that may say something like 'your computer is at risk', 'your computer is not protected', ' a virus has infected your PC', or something like that, simply close the window by clicking on the 'x' in the top right corner and do one or more of the following:

1. Check that your normal security software is running and if it is, reboot your machine, then select to do a thorough scan.
2. Reboot and run a deep-cleanse programme like Malwarebytes to check for and remove any viruses etc.
3. Visit the website of your normal security software supplier (by typing their web address directly into the address bar), or clicking a link you have added to your favourites/Bookmarks, check that you have all of the latest updates, then check for any notices such as the one on the pop-up.

Never, Never, download 'Security Software' from or because of a pop-up windw, because unless it actually is a notice from you installed security software, it is most likely the opposite of what it purports to be and will almost certainly infect your PC!!

The best way though is simply to keep aware and be extra suspicious when online - or get us to check and set up your PC and advise you directly!

Get your PC or Laptop Security and Performance checked, optimised and set-up in your own home, from just £40 (currently, UK only)

Go to, or email now at Sales & Enquiries to arrange a visit in your area. Please include a contact phone no. (standard landline only) and we will call you back.